DevOps training

What is DevOps?

DevOps (Development and Operations) is above all a culture, a mindset, a philosophy and can be seen as the next movement in the Agile landscape. DevOps can be interpreted as a set of Agile principles that focus on combining practices, tools and ways of working to automate processes and enhance collaboration. This will increase the organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services in a structured, stable and rapid manner.
DevOps focuses on destroying silo’s between development and operations teams and bringing them together in a more collaborative and open setting.
These two capabilities can be merged into one team or remain in separate teams with continuous collaboration and high level of alignment and cooperation.
Through tighter integration between development and operations, teams will be able to release faster and in a more structured and secure way, in order to establish a future proof solution.
DevOps unites all the key aspects of Agile development principles such as automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery combined with all Agile cultural principles and ways of working into an enhanced overall approach.
The goal of DevOps is to increase:
  • Delivery speed; faster time to market
  • Reliability and predictability
  • Continuous and advanced collaboration between capabilities and teams
  • Clear and automated security

Focus and Learning Goals

Through this course you will learn and get an understanding of:
  • The driving factors for the evolution of DevOps.
  • Key concepts and principles.
  • The DevOps culture and have the basis in order to spread the learnings within your team and/or organisation.
  • The benefitson team level and on organisation level.
  • Understand the technical implications of applying DevOps.
  • The overall model.
  • How DevOps relates to Scrum and to Extreme Programming

Training topics

Training Topics:
  • Introduction
  • Concept and Principles
  • Benefits of DevOps
  • Development vs. Operations
  • The DevOps Culture
  • The Software delivery lifecycle within DevOps
  • DevOps at Scale
  • Next Level of DevOps: BusDevOps


If you are involved in an IT development and/or operations team regardless of your team member role and would like to get a better and in-depth understanding of the cultural and technical implications of DevOps for your own role and that of your team(s), this course will give you the required knowledge in order to be able to apply these key DevOps principles and practices.

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