Scrum training: Introduction to Scrum

Scrum has become the standard way of creating software and is being applied outside IT as well. But if you are not familiar with Scrum, how do you get started? This introductionary Scrum training will teach you not only the basic process and roles, but will give you also invaluable practical information on how start with Scrum in your team.


Learning Goals

The learning goals for the Introduction to Scrum training:

  1. To be able to actively participate in a Scrum team.
  2. Understand the main principles behind Scrum so you can make Scrum work for you.

After this one-day training, you will be well equiped to start in any of the three Scrum roles.



The Introduction to Scrum training is meant for anyone that is looking for in introduction in the Scrum framework, either preparing to take an active role (Development Team Member, Scrum Master or Product Owner) or being better prepared to interact with a Scrum team (as manager, stakeholder etc).


Impressive how you managed to leep the whole group interested and involved.

It was nice to have some discussion. Jasper has good teaching skills. He also feels good when you think about something or may have a question.

Keep up the good work!

Yeah, great trainer, great training, i love how the training had a fine balance of theory and practice so we had the energy in the entire time. (I can only recommend this training to people who are interested)


Introduction to Scrum

09:10 -11:00 Introduction and the history of Agile

The Agile Manifesto, the reasons behind it and the birth of Scrum

13:00-14:00 The Scrum Process and Events

The Scrum Events and how they work together:

11:00-12:00 Scrum Roles

The three roles within the Scrum Framework:

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Development Team member

14:00-15:00 The Scrum ‘artifacts’

Topics such as the Product Backlog, user stories and much more

12:00-13:00 Lunch

15:00-17:00 Practical details, best practices and Q&A

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