Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery


Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are Agile software development practices where the build, testing and deployment process of the changes, whether those are features, configuration changes or bug fixes, are automated and pushed into production in a safe, quick and sustainable manner through the various environments. To eventually land up in the hands of the end user.

CI / CD practices enable developers to build, test and deliver software in a more structured, reliable and predictable manner. Making it possible for developers to focus on faster delivery of functionality and increasing productivity.

Focus and Learning Goals

Learn the concepts, the basics and the advanced aspects of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery through this training.
Through this training you will:
  • Be able to see how to use CI/CD in order to automate and improve your day to day activities within the team.
  • Get hands-on experience on applying a CI/CD pipeline and on automation.
  • Understand all the complexities that go with putting CI / CD in place on various scales within an organisation.
  • Learn how to apply Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery on any scale.
  • Understand how Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will enhance and complement methodologies such as Scrum and Extreme Programming.

Training topics

Training Topics
Day 1:
  • Introduction
  • What is CI and what is CD?
  • Purpose and benefits of CI/CD
  • The Software Development Process
  • Continuous Integration: Deep Dive
  • Continuous Delivery: Deep Dive
  • Metrics
  • CI/CD in a Scrum Environment
Day 2 (Advanced):
  • Automation
  • Release Management
  • The Release Train
  • CI/CD In The Agile Enterprise Environment
  • Scaling CI/CD
  • Tools and Solutions


This course is intended for software developers and testers (junior to senior) that want to understand all the technical and collaborative aspects and complexities of CI / CD and how to apply these aspects in order to gain the benefits in their day to day activities.

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