Scrum training: Introduction to Scrum

Scrum has become the standard way of creating software and is being applied outside IT as well. But if you are not familiar with Scrum, how do you get started? This introductionary Scrum training will teach you not only the basic process and roles, but will give you also invaluable practical information on how start with Scrum in your team.

Backlog Refinement: What is refinement?



What is the role of refinement in Scrum?


Blog: Traveller or Gardener: Agile Architecture at KPN

What is an Agile Architect?

The role of architects in an Agile organisation has been a topic of debate for a long time now. What is ‘Agile Architecture’?

Blog: The ‘Spotify model’ is not a model. Here is why.

“The so-called Spotify model is usually mentioned together with SAFe and Less as a scaling model. It’s not, actually.”

Blog: Idea for your next retro: Just leave it to chance!

“I consider Retrospectives a key part of Scrum. I am always on the lookout for new ideas or new Retrospective formats I can try.”