Scrum training, consultancy and interim services.

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Providing Scrum training and consultancy since 2011

Are you looking for help on your next steps with Agile?

Scrum training

Based in Amsterdam, sprintzero provides Scrum training for all levels.

Interim services

Are you looking for an Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Product Owner?

What is Refinement?

Have a look at our explainer video on the Refinement process for Scrum teams.


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Our training curriculum

We offer the following Scrum trainings to get acquinted with Scrum or to dive deeper into certain aspects.

Introduction to Scrum

Intercultural Communication Skills for Scrum teams

DevOps training

Extreme Programming training

What are story points?

Story points can be a difficult concept to understand for new Scrum teams. That’s why we made a short video to explain the concept.

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