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We offer a wide variety of Agile trainings, both technical and non-technical. Have a look below.

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Our training curriculum:

Introduction to Scrum

Intercultural Communication Skills for Scrum teams

DevOps training

Extreme Programming training

Continuous integration / Continuous Delivery

What is Refinement?

Have a look at our explainer video on the Refinement process for Scrum teams.

Providing Agile coaching, training and interim services since 2011

Many organisations want to apply Agile in order to evolve their teams and departments to the next level by applying the theory into practice. Not many organisations understand that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Agile. That’s where sprintzero can help and train you in order to apply the best Agile approach for you and your organisation.
At sprintzero we combine new and established Agile theories with modern day practices, by using our experience within a wide range of industries and organisations to elevate you, your teams and surrounding organisation and bring your Agile ways of working and practices into the 22nd century.
We differentiate ourselves with our hands-on approach, in-depth knowledge and up to date experience in all matters Agile. Since we believe it is important to not only have the theoretical knowledge, but to also have the fresh in the field experience. This helps us to provide modern day Agile trainings at scale.


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What are story points?

Story points can be a difficult concept to understand for new Scrum teams. That’s why we made a short video to explain the concept.

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