Jasper Verdooren
Agile Coach | Senior Scrum Master | Scrum trainer

I started as Scrum Master in 2007. Since then, I also had the roles of Product Owner and Agile team lead, but now I spend most of my time as an Agile Coach. Regardless of the role I have, I love building strong development teams and helping people grow and meet their potential.

Colleagues usually describe me enthusiastic, honest and fun to work with (and on one occasion as ‘très flamboyant’, which sounds about right 🙂  ). In the past, I worked for companies and institutes such as TomTom, Rijkswaterstaat, Liberty Global, ABN Amro, Nuon and KPN.

I am certified as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach and live in Amsterdam. If you need help getting Scrum off the ground or you are looking for a way to reach that next step, let’s talk to see how I can help you.

Quotes I live by (well, most of the time)

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

There is a time and place for everything. Chief inspector Clouseau

There is always a plan B. Some wise man

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