Retrospectives are much more than sitting down and discussing what went well, what not so well and what we can improve. Doing retrospectices is an art, which – like any art – takes practice.

If you feel yourself in need of some imput to improve your retrospectives, here is a reading list you can use:


  • Agile retrospectives, Making Good Teams Great | Amazon | The Classic
  • Project retrospectives | Amazon | Another classic, albeit less famous
  • The Retrospective Handbook | Leanpub | Unknown book, but very good actually. Just as valuable for a starting Scrum Master as “Agile Retrospectives’
  • Fun Retrospectives | Leanpub | Contains different retro forms
  • 50 Quick ideas to improve your retrospectives | Amazon | Offers pretty much what the title says…


Specific forms:

by Jasper Verdooren

Jasper Verdooren

Jasper Verdooren
Agile Coach | Senior Scrum Master | Scrum trainer