A globalised work place

However you personally might feel about globalisation, the globalised work place is already a reality for a lot of Scrum teams. The endless hunt for talent in software development has resulted in many international Scrum teams. Sometimes members of those teams actually live in another country or even another continent. Other companies will have complete teams based in other countries. Or the company might work for remote clients. English is often the language spoken on the work floor these days, even if it is not the native language for any of the team members.

Is that a problem?

None of this is a problem itself. But now and then, communication issues do arise. Cooperation suffers. Misunderstanding are often chalked up to ‘cultural differences’. Is that correct? And even if that is correct, what can you do about it?

Explainer video

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Individuals and interactions

Focussing on individual and interactions and (customer) collaboration are vital parts of the Agile manifesto, making communication skills a key part of any Scrum team. This it why we are happy to announce that we are launching our new training “Intercultural Communication Skills for Scrum teams”. Whether you are working with colleagues from different countries, are a member of a team that is distributed over different countries or are working with teams that are completely located in another country, this is the training for you!


The training is planned for the 18th of January 2019 at de Strategiefabriek in Amsterdam. The early bird price (until the end of November) is €500,- (excl taxes). For more details and signing up, have a look at here.

I hope to see you there!